Decision Support System

The EcoRestore Decision Support System (EcoRestore DSS) is based on case studies of technologies and approaches that have been researched and applied by rangeland managers, scientists and farmers over the short- and long-term in order to restore degraded rangelands or combat problem woody species (bush) and alien species encroachment and thickening. 

The DSS consists of two databases, i.e. Grass Expert – which includes mechanical and/or biological technologies to restore or re-vegetate bare and denuded areas, as well as unproductive rangelands, and Bush Expert – which includes case studies of technologies to control or combat bush encroachment and thickening (chemical, manual, mechanical and biological).

Installation Instructions

1.     Download the above ZIP file.

2.     Extract the entire contents to a folder on your computer.

3.     Run “Setup.exe” to install .

4.     Follow the instruction manual above.