Dr. Arnim Marquart

Within the DFFE projects, I have mainly worked on the ‘Bush Expert’ project, both in the field participating in field work and in data analysis. During data collection, I have contributed to soil analysis by taking hydrological measurements at many of the sites. Within the same project, I supervised a Hns. study that investigated insect […]

Xola Morris Tsobo

Xola Morris Tsobo Department of Environmental AffairsNatural Resource Management ProgrammesWorking For Water Programmes Completed my Secondary Education in the then Transkei at Daliwonga Senior Secondary School in 1983. Was employed by the then Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Nature Conservation in Transkei that offered me scholarship to pursue my studies in Forestry Completed my National […]

Dr Lorraine van den Berg

Dr Lorraine van den Berg Production Scientist at Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute. After matriculating in 1996 Dr. Loraine van den Berg started her tertiary education at the North‑West University, majoring in Botany and Zoology.  She completed her B. Sc., B. Sc. Hons, M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees specializing in the field of restoration ecology in arid and semi‑arid parts […]

David Tongway

David Tongway Ecologist and an honorary fellow at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences David Tongway is a landscape ecologist and is now an honorary Fellow at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, where he has been for 48 years. His initial training was in analytical chemistry, but re trained in service into soil science and ecology.  He has contributed to the development of Landscape […]