Dr Joh R. Henschel

Professor at Dept of Animal, Wildlife and Grassland sciences, University of the Free State

Studied at the University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria with majors in Oceanography and Zoology. Since 1986 employed as ecologist at the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, National Museum of Namibia, University of Wuerzburg in Germany, Gobabeb Research and Training Centre in Namibia, and the South African Environmental Observation Network. Fields of special interest include desert ecology, desertification, ecological restoration, environmental assessments, and environmental monitoring.

Joh Henschel is an ecologist, conducting environmental research in South Africa, Namibia and abroad. With an early background in marine biology, he has extensive experience in many terrestrial environments, particularly arid lands. His specific fields of research include biodiversity, community ecology, landscape ecology, environmental monitoring, and restoration ecology. He has published extensively, both scientific and popular environmental articles.


Contact information
Dr Joh R Henschel

Manager: SAEON Arid Lands Node
South African Environmental Observation Network

P.O.Box 110040 Hadison Park 8306 Kimberley

Tel: 053-8313751; Fax: 053-8313750; Email: joh.henschel@saeon.ac.za