Dr. Reletile Tshepiso Mangani

My research formed part of the bush encroachment and management in priority areas of the NRM programme.

To determine the effects of bush encroachment as a form of land degradation on the biodiversity and how to restore these degraded lands, especially after the bush has been cleared.

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for restoration after the clearing of woody species causing bush encroachment. This includes Bush Expert Information Management System (BEIMS) and the Bush Expert DSS, as advisory services for bush encroachment (BE) information and restoration that is based on scientific outcomes.

Contribution through research outputs such as scientific papers (two published papers and two under review), conference presentation (AZEF, LaRSSA) of the bush expert project, policy briefs and also community/stakeholder engagement (feedback sessions). Knowledge transfer was also done through explaining the bush clearing and restoration principles to the community members and people directly involved.

Capacity building and advanced training as I was a post-graduate student doing the research.